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Sweet Whispers is a boutique business where you can spread love and happiness by building your own personalised gift boxes or choosing from our curated boxes for the special people in your life. A thoughtful and tangible gift is a great way to reconnect or support, surprise or delight, commiserate or celebrate, or just to say that you’re thinking of them.

Our story

The seed idea for the business was planted when I was looking for a unique gift box for a friend who was going through a hard time. Living 500km away, I had to find that right “something” which would convey my being there when I could not be there physically. And after spending hours scouring the internet unsuccessfully for the perfect present, I realised there was an opportunity to create a platform for a unique collection of goodies, a place where I could carve out my niche in the gifting world.

The seed was fertilized and grew into a desire to build not just any business, but one where I could express my passion for all things pretty and heart-warming, be they scented or colourful, edible or drinkable, stitched or hand-woven, decorative or useful. That this business could bring a fun and uplifting element to our lives (and by “our” I mean Bubbles, my little Pomeranian, and I) was just an added bonus.

During the exciting search for the ideal products, we discovered some fantastic, like-minded, quality-driven, entrepreneurs. We firmly believe in the role small businesses play in creating much-needed employment; hence our carefully selected products are sourced only from local businesses. Furthermore, being deeply passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs, we are delighted that most of our awesome products come from women-owned enterprises.

And, as you take your time and enjoy building your own tailored box (or choosing one of our curated options), know also you are supporting an environmentally-conscious enterprise where the key elements of Organic, Sustainable, and Re-usable have infused our culture and product range.

We hope you enjoy finding that perfect something for that special someone!

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